Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Princess Beatrice & Eugenie learn from Royal Wedding

Having vowed not the make the same fashion mistakes that they did for the Royal Wedding,
 Princess Beatrice & her sister Princess Eugenie toned it down for Zara's wedding this past weekend:


  1. What I just don't understand about these two women is WHY on earth when you have all the resources in the world avaliable to you do they insist on getting negative publicity for their silly fashion sense? We would love to say WOW they look AMAZING...but we can't cause they don't! xoxox (RESPECTFULLY) Kimmy.

  2. In my opinion, I think the princesses wore the hideous outfits on purpose to the royal wedding of Kate & William because of their disdain for Kate Middleton. Looking @ their ensemble for Zara's wedding and Kate's wedding; one can tell the ladies took their time in look fashionable and well-dressed @ Zara's wedding and not Kate's.

    I think the princesses wanted to take as much attention away as possible from Kate Middleton on the wedding day. I've even heard there was some sort of rift between the princesses and the duchess in the past years prior to the royal wedding.

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