Tuesday, 3 January 2012

To Celebrate the 31st Birthday of HRH Catherine Elizabeth (Jan 9, 2012)

A Poem to Her Royal Highness, Catherine Elizabeth,
Duchess of Cambridge in Honour of her 31st Birthday
~ January 9, 2013 ~

The eldest of 3 children,
She arrived in eighty-two,
To parents Carole & Michael,
She was perfect through and through.

They named her Catherine Elizabeth,
And although a regal name,
She wasn’t born of noble blood,
She wasn’t born of fame.

She loves her siblings dearly,
The three of them are close,
James and Pippa Middleton,
Now household names to most.

Her father was a pilot,
Her mum a stewardess,
They started out as middle-class,
Then a party-supply success.

Kate grew up in Chapel Row,
And also in Amman,
But moved back to the UK,
Where her schooling carried on.

She started at St. Andrew’s School,
Then Downe House for a while,
Always a gifted athlete,
She could run for miles and miles.

She continued with her studies,
At a co-ed boarding school,
Away from parents and family,
At Marlborough College School.

Pursuing higher studies
In Art History in Fife,
Who could have known her choice of school,
Would completely change her life.

In the year two-thousand-one,
Or so the story goes,
Kate enrolled at St. Andrews,
As did a famous Prince we know.

They started out as classmates,
They started out as friends,
But a charity-show and one sheer-dress,
Put friendship to an end.

Will was smitten,
That’s for sure,
There’s no denying that,
He paid £200
To not sit at the back.

A brief split in 07’,
Had many in disbelief,
But we knew all along,
The separation would be brief.

She worked as an assistant buyer,
For the Jigsaw fashion chain,
But work was not a distraction,
Her heart we knew in pain.

The paparazzi followed her,
They had something to prove,
They told us they were cousins,
More than a dozen times removed.

After a break and time to reflect,
Will got his act in gear,
He won back his dear, lovely Kate,
The best news of that year!

Some called her Waitey Katey,
While she waited for a ring,
To seal the deal on their true love,
Making Will her future King.

Will finally realized that lovely Kate,
Was the fairest in the land,
And on a knee in Kenya,
Asked Catherine for her hand.

Announced on the 16th of November,
In the year two-thousand-ten,
Will and Kate were now engaged,
To the chagrin of many men.

In April of this year past,
She took our breath away,
When out of the carriage a woman emerged,
The school-girl gone away.

And now another milestone,
We’ll all soon celebrate,
The 30th happy birthday,
Of our dear Duchess Kate.

Always lovely, always true,
Kate is calm & sure.
A Queen one day, we’ve heard them say,
A Duchess now endures.

She may not be a Princess,
Or a royal from the start,
But Her Royal Highness Catherine,
Is a Princess in our Hearts!

Poem by Kelly Rachelle Mathews


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