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Catherine Crimps her Coiffe with Curlers!

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Duchess Kate was snapped while shopping solo on Sunday September 5th, 2011.  She was escorted by a Security Officer and drove away in a Range Rover.  She was spotted at a house-ware store called Peter Jones and left with a purchase.

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Duchess Catherine and her younger sister Pippa take a stroll along a beach in Northern Wales near her home.  It's nice to see them both looking relaxed and dressed down!  My next fashion purchase for the Fall... Green Hunter boots!


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There's something about weddings that make the Duchess Kate yearn to Grocrey Shop - here she is again just a day after Zara & Tindall's wedding:

And in the same sweater (gasp - lol) taking a stroll in Scotland with her William (looking uber wonderful in the spectacles I must say)!

Just six days after the Wedding of the Year the newly appointed Duchess of Cambridge makes her way to the local Grocery Store in her remote corner of Northwest Wales.

And of course there was this recent comparrison!

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