Thursday, 16 February 2012

A Personal Pinching Pixie

This is a submission for the Yearning for Wonderland - Fariry Ring Writing Contest:

A Personal Pinching Pixie
~ For Children with Type 1 Diabetes Looking for Magic in Medicine ~

As the doctor left the room, she turned to me and said “now don’t you worry young lady, someone will be in to see you shortly”.  My mother and father were out in the hallway, crying, the opposite of reassuring, I assure you.  “Diabetes” I thought to myself.  “How could that be?”  A loud thud on the window pane pulled me fast from my self-loathing.  I went to the window, opened the latch when in blew several leaves, one of them carrying a visitor.  “Welcome to the Insul-Inn” she said, “I’m your Personal Pinching Pixie and I’ve been assigned to you”.  “You are a sweet girl Elizabeth, perhaps a tad too sweet for your own good.”  “Our team of experts will work tirelessly to get you as right-as-rain again”.  “This isn’t the Insul-Inn” I said, “it’s a hospital!”  Determined to continue she explained, “from this day forward you will need the magic of Nilusni”.  “What is Nilusni” I asked?  “It’s magic medicine” she said, “Nilusni is Insulin spelled forwards”.  Now before I go you must learn the Pixie Pinch.  “What’s the Pixie Pinch” I asked.  “It’s when you take this little instrument, poke you’re finger and test your blood”.  “If your blood sugar is high, you’ll need a pinch of Nilusni Nectar”, and she passed me a magical vial to wear around my neck.  “If you are low… you’ll need a sugar plum” which she pulled out of her pocket.  “Either way, whenever you test your blood I will be with you, that little poke you feel is me… I’m your very own personal pinching pixie!”  Could this be possible I wondered.  Several minutes later the doctor returned ushering in my quasi-composed parents explaining “I have assigned Elizabeth to a team of experts that will work tirelessly to get her right-as-rain again” she said.  “Thank you so much for all your support Doctor Nilusni”, replied my mother.


Yearning for Wonderland - Fariry Ring Writing Contest Details:

The contest is open from now (midnight EST on 2/7/12) to midnight EST on 2/20/12.
To win, write a piece of flash fiction (300 words or less) on your (fictional or not) first-person encounter with a faery, goblin, or fantastical being of your choice. Post your entry on your blog and paste the link code into the HTML editor to be included.
1st Place: A copy of The Fairy Ring and a 10 page edit by Anna Meade.
2nd Place: A copy of The Fairy Ring and a 5 page edit by Anna Meade.
3rd Place: A copy of The Fairy Ring.
So let your imagination run wild. It can be whimsical, beautiful, emotional, creepy, mysterious or horrifying. I ask that you restrict your undead submissions to another contest (no zombies or vampires, please).


  1. Thank you for being our 30th entry, Kelly! :)

  2. Cute...I could see turning that into a children's book for kids diagnosed with diabetes.

  3. Aw, I love this! and I ditto what Donna said!

  4. Agree with Donna! This is very cute and a great kids story :-)

  5. This is great! I hope you publish this in a peds office! We have so many kids come in scared to death about this or that, this would be just the thing for those with this problem!

  6. Thank you so much everyone for the wonderful feedback! I have worked with children & youth with type 1 diabetes for several years and your positive comments have motivated me to consider turning this into a story book! Kelly Mathews


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