Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Don't Put Away the Fine China

In honour of Kate & William's ONE YEAR Wedding Anniversary, I'm re-posting my first-ever blog-post which was written just a few days after the 2011 Royal Wedding... I hope you enjoy it... this is where All Things Regal began for me!


What seemed to take eons to arrive has come and gone in a flash.  We weed now among reruns, highlight-reels and best/worst dressed analyses only to find ourselves mingling in a vast and incredibly anti-climactic void which we struggle to fill.  The regality, pomp and ceremony that was the Royal Wedding is now behind us.

The State Landau Carriage so finely shined has been safely returned to its usual resting place in the Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace, awaiting its next regal-worthy outing.  The spectacular oak trees dragged into Westminster Abbey await their end-of-week journey to the Prince of Wales’s Highgrove Estate, where they will be planted as a permanent reminder of the day.   The 1936 Cartier “Halo” Tiara on loan by the Queen is presumably back in the Jewel Tower under lock and key.  The dust of a million well-wishers has settled on the streets of London and the fine china has been put away.  Those of us that ventured for the first time to a Millinery to purchase our first Fascinators, a word many of us had never heard prior to this year, are left holding an ornate and somewhat impractical souvenir. 

So how are we to fill this void?  How are we to get on with our not-so-regal, every-day lives?  What was life like before the royal wedding countdown, the ‘guess the dress designer’ contests and the endless after-school-specials about Kate and William in their school days?  I don’t remember.  The former normalcy that was once my existence has been enhanced by fascinators, feathers and gloves, and the affirmation that there are happy endings, fairytales and fairy princesses, er… make that duchesses after all! I don’t know if I can or want to go back?!

I implore us all… let us not to wait for the next jubilee to throw on our best hats, pull up our gloves or sing God Save the Queen.  Let us toast to the future ‘willkats’ that are sure to be on their way!  Let us appreciate the life of service that William and Kate will endure.  And let us realize that we are now a part of something far more magical and elegant than we ever thought possible.  Our lives have been enhanced by their majesty, let’s embrace it!

And of course, if we find ourselves in need of a new fairytale… there’s always Harry!

Don’t put away the fine china!

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