Monday, 22 August 2011

Match the Queen with her Motto!

All of the Queens during the Tudor Era had a "motto"... can you match each Queen (Letter) to the correct Motto (Number).  Try to do this without looking it up - it's fun to think about which motto is most likely to go with which Queen!  Good luck!

A. Catherine of Aragon
1. Bound to Obey and Serve
B. Anne Boleyn
2. Always the Same
C. Jane Seymour
3. The Most Happy
D. Anne of Cleves
4. No Other Will But His
E. Catherine Howard
5. In My End is My Beginning
F. Catherine Parr
6. Humble and Loyal
G. Elizabeth I
7. To Be Useful in All I Do
H. Mary I
8. God Send Me Well to Keep
I. Mary Queen of Scots
9. Truth, The Daughter of Time

1 comment:

  1. A. - 6.
    B. - 3.
    C. - 1.
    D. - 8.
    E. - 4.
    F. - 7.
    G. - 2.
    H. - 9.
    I. - 5.


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