Tuesday, 20 December 2011

A Royally Canadian Year-End Recap

For all of us Canadians who love a good dollop of pomp and ceremony we sure got a second-helping in 2011.  As if the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Elizabeth this past April wasn’t enough, the newlywed Duchy’s honoured us with their first official Royal Tour as husband and wife.  For eleven glorious days the royal-duo made our vast and majestic country their home.  They ushered in a new era of monarchy with an appropriately-themed tour titled, ‘Moving Forward Together into the Future’.  The feedback on “Summerus-Royalus-Canadus” was thunderously positive.

But there’s one other ingredient that contributed to the success of the royal tour that has not received enough attention in my opinion.  I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity to offer our country an official pat-on-the-back for a superb display of monarchial-hosting.  We treated our regal-relatives from across the pond to some much needed and appreciated Canadian perspective, eh?!?

Of course this wouldn’t be a royal-recap if I forgot to mention Prince Andrew, Duke of York’s mid-summer canoe-trip to the North West Territories and Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex’s more formal trip to Toronto in July to hand out the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh Service Awards to Canadian Youth.  Even Sarah, Duchess of York was spotted in a downtown Yellowknife coffee shop early January.  There certainly was no shortage of royals in Canada in 2011 and there’s more to come!

In just a few months Canada, along with the entire British Commonwealth will celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee Year!  For the past 60 years QEII has hailed and prevailed as our anointed sovereign; taken less sick days in 60 years than most of us do in a calendar year; and, proven to be more than a ‘fair-weather’ friend to Canadians.  We’re honoured to celebrate with you!

To Queen from Country: thank you for never compromising… a most Canadian-virtue indeed!  Long Live the Queen! 

Kelly Rachelle Mathews

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