Thursday, 14 July 2011

A QUICK (albeit useless) KATE FACT:

What's in a Name - Dissecting the moniker of a Duchess

Catherine ~ Elizabeth ~ Middleton

Catherine - means pure, clear and innocent. In early English spelled Katherine - From the Latin Katharina. The name "Katherine" is first recorded in England in 1196, having been brought back from the Crusades.

Elizabeth - means gods promise or oath, god of satisfaction, and god of plenty. In early English spelled Elisabet - From the Hebrew Elisheva - meaning I am god's daughter.

Middleton - means middle enclosure or settlement. One who came from Middleton (the middle homestead or village), the name of many villages in England.
English and Scottish: habitational name from any of the places so called. In over thirty instances from many different areas, the name is from Old English midel ‘middle’ + tun ‘enclosure’, ‘settlement’. However, Middleton on the Hill near Leominster in Herefordshire appears in Domesday Book as Miceltune, the first element clearly being Old English micel ‘large’, ‘great’. Middleton Baggot and Middleton Priors in Shropshire have early spellings that suggest gem¯├░hyll (from gem¯├░ ‘confluence’ + hyll ‘hill’) + tun as the origin.

So instead of saying "Hello, my name is Catherine Elizabeth Middleton"...
Kate could say... "Hello, I am the pure & innocent - god's-daughter - from the middle settlement.  LOL... I think I prefer Duchess Kate!

Clearly I had too much free time today but I was wondering if I would find some "clue" to Kate's destiny within the breakdown of her birth name.  It's not too shabby!

If you want to do this for yourself I recommend the two websites that I utilized: and

Ever respectfully,
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Er... I mean... Kelly - Rachelle - Mathews!/allthingsregal  

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