Friday, 15 July 2011

Pause B4U Forward Flaws!

I’m going to start this blog with a question.  Can we, as humans not be happy unless we find a flaw in something lovely?  If history is any indication, I would have to believe no!  The more lovely, kind, smart, funny, cute, fit, pretty, sweet, polite or wonderful a thing may be – the stronger, it seems, is our desire to find a flaw with it.  I find this very counter-intuitive to intrinsic human nature.  Ultimately, don’t we all long for acceptance?  We hope to fit in, feel valued, look, and be well.  Simply put, we just want to be appreciated for who we are, what we’ve done and what we do.  I for one certainly hope that the people in my life like/love me for the things that make me unique – like the birthmark behind my left knee, the fact that I always talk too loud and that I can’t sit without fidgeting!  I can’t imagine being condemned for my Kelly-isms! What are some of your “isms”?  Can you imagine if the things that made you UNIQUE were viewed by others as flaws? 

I wrote a blog earlier this week called “Let us not specuKate” and I would like to take that one step further.  I beseech all of us to be more conscious of the impact our “Flaw Reporting” has on the Reportee.  The next time we find ourselves about to say, write or forward a blog/article/picture that mentions how Kate is too thin, her one leg is slightly bowed, her face has pockmarks, she’s not able to get pregnant, her hair is too long, her eye makeup too dark or her accent too common, I want us to ask ourselves this one question – how’s that working for ya?  Do we feel empowered when we bring someone down?  God forbid any of us were to get married into the Royal Windsor Family, in front of +7 million people no less… then… not 60 days later, find ourselves paraded through North America for all the world to see in what is being dubbed the grandest ‘dog and pony’ show of all time!  I suggest we turn the magnifying glass back on ourselves and think of our own “flaws”… now imagine them in 3D.  Now imagine if thousands of tweeters and bloggers continued to forward these flaws.  Just imagine what people would say?!  But here’s the best part… if we ALL agreed to Pause B4 We Forward Flaws the beauty of it is… they would say NOTHING!

Ever respectfully,
Kelly Rachelle Mathews

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