Monday, 4 March 2013

Recent Royal Names

There has been much speculation of late as to the potential name of the future child of Prince William and Duchess Catherine, whether it be a son or daughter.  I thought perhaps an examination of some recent FULL names bestowed upon the Royal Family might reveal a potential pattern or commonality... I'm fairly certain we will see 'Elizabeth' somewhere in the name if a girl and 'Louis' if a boy... let the guessing and baby name games begin! 


AS WE KNOW THEM              FULL NAME                                                                            
Prince Edward:                      Edward Antony Richard Louis              Earl of Wessex
Prince Andrew:                     Andrew Albert Christian Edward          Duke of York
Prince Charles:                     Charles Philip Arthur George                 Prince of Wales
Prince William:                    William Arthur Philip Louis                   Prince William, Duke of Cambridge
Prince Harry:                          Henry Charles Albert David                  Prince Harry of Wales
Peter Phillips:                       Peter Mark Andrew Phillips                Peter Phillips
James Viscount Severn:      James Alexander Philip Theo              Viscount Severn


AS WE KNOW THEM              FULL NAME                                                                            
The Queen:                           Elizabeth Alexandra Mary                    Queen Elizabeth II
Princess Beatrice:                Beatrice Elizabeth Mary                       Princess Beatrice of York
Princess Eugenie:                Eugenie Victoria Helena                    Princess Eugenie of York
Prince Anne:                          Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise                  Princess Royal
Princess Diana:                    Diana Frances Spencer                       Princess Diana
Zara Philips                          Zara Anne Elizabeth                               Zara Phillips-Tindall
Lady Louise:                          Louise Alice Elizabeth Mary                  Lady Louise of Windsor
Duchess Kate:                       Catherine Elizabeth Middleton          Duchess of Cambridge

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