Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Bubblegum Princess

Bubblegum PrincessAn @AllThingsRegal Reading Review

I was pleasantly surprised when I received an email from New York Media Works asking if I would be interested in receiving, reading and reviewing a copy of their newest publication “Bubblegum Princess”.  Believing so much as I do that the world is in need of more fairytales, not to mention my slightly bubblegum-like obsession with the British Royals, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to review a children’s book inspired by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their very-own, real-life fairytale.

Written by Julie Gribble and Illustrated by Lori Hanson, these two artists mixed-brilliantly all the required ingredients of a successful fairytale.  Bubblegum Princess is more than a story about a young lady’s bad habit.  Bubblegum Princess is a tale of a family’s ambition; a young girls’ desire to be herself; a so-called-crime; banishment from a kingdom; a case of a wrong-man-accused; a lady; a prince; a queen and her corgis; and, to complete the recipe… a very happy ending.  Gribble did not disappoint with each turn of page and was excellently complimented by Hanson’s designs. 

The overall concepts were simple enough for grade-school children to understand. Having said that, there were many opportunities for the adult-reader to educate the young listener as some words exceeded the vocabulary of a typical grade-schooler, i.e., words such as, stupendously, coveted, communiqué, etc.  This allowed for a deeper and more engaging experience between the reader and the listener.

The book, although seemingly designed for a young female audience, did not disappoint my young nephew Henry (age 5) who felt that “Katy should just stop blowing the bubbles because we can’t eat gum at school”.  My nieces Alyssa (age 8) and Olivia (age 5) literally ate it up. 

The main message and lesson that I walked away with, and ensured my little audience did as well… don’t change who you are for anyone… if there’s something about you that’s quirky, makes you different and more importantly, makes you happy, do it with gusto… for… the one’s who matter won’t mind and the one’s who mind… won’t matter! 

In addition to the random-rhyming, delightful-illustrations and energetic and playful flow, this book did one other thing really well… it didn’t take itself too seriously… and neither should any of us.  There’s a little bubblegum princess in all of us… our very own pink bubble that makes us unique... never burst that bubble and, if it starts to fly away… jump… and hold on tight!

Kelly Mathews
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